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Kirsten Kay Thoen via Culturehall

Art Events this Week in New York

Each card below lists art openings & events (generally 6-8pm).

Never Miss Another Show

Monday, March 27

Performance: denis rollet, francisco meirano, Jenny Graf, Joe Colley, Trnsgndr/vhs "Ende Tymes Vii Opening Night: Joe Colley / Jenny Gräf / Trnsgndr/vhs / Denis Rollet & Francisco Meirino" curated by Bob Bellerue, Issue Project Room at

Brooklyn, Misc.: 22 Boerum Place,

Tuesday, March 28

Wednesday, March 29

Thursday, March 30

Friday, March 31

@DemoroART, @joe_loli_art, @runsonwillis, Alannah Farrell, Alia Lorae, Asif Hoque, CHIHARU KAIMOTO runway show, CoutureMask runway show, Danai Graham, Danielle Galietti dance, Denise Castano, Ja, Kyle Olson, Micael Magalhaes, RYAN NIEVES art, Samantha Snow, Simona Conti "Fashion Night Out: CoutureMask" curated by The Set NYC at

28 street: 296 9th avenue, At 28th Street, $20,
Open Studio: Alexandra Campbell, Benjamin Lyon, Celia Gruber, Cheng Luo, Clarence Hause, Eliza Moore, Elizabeth Insogna, Estefania Velez-Rodriguez, Georgie Flores, Helena Halvarsson Hägg, John Harris, Joshua Lunsk, Joshua Shelstad, Kenny Faith, Madeline Donahue, Matthew Benson, Megan Cavanaugh, Megan Heckmann, Olivia Taylor, Rose Nestler, Samantha Rivera, Tammi Dow, Thomas Hemmerick, Tommy Mavra, Yu-tien Chang, Zachary Lombardi "MFA Open Studios" at

Brooklyn, Misc.: 2900 Bedford avenue, 6-8pm

Saturday, April 1

Florence Nassar, Lucy Shelby, Patron Saint of Missed American Dreams, Patron Saint of Warriors "Nobody's Fool: An Evening of Feminist Performances for Phos Hilaron: From the Masses Rise the Saints" curated by Ventiko at

Chinatown/LES: 16 Orchard street,

Sunday, April 2

Never Miss Another Show